Yellow River Valley Museum Alliance unveiled National Treasure National Treasure Concert

“Yellow River Valley Museum Alliance” unveiled “National Treasure” National Treasure Concert
On January 9th, the reporter was informed that the National Radio and Television National “Treasure of the Yellow River” National Treasure Concert-“National Treasure” was recorded in Beijing during the Spring Festival of 2020.On December 23, 2019, 40 museums in 9 provinces and autonomous regions along the Yellow River jointly established the “Yellow River Museums Alliance” to work together to tell the story of the Yellow River, to serve as the mission of protection, inheritance, and promotion of the Yellow River culture.All members of the Yellow River Basin Museum Union made their first collective appearance.”National Treasure” 2020 New Year special program poster.Official photo In the “National Treasure Concert” program, the world-famous Ocarina player Zong Jilang played “The Big Yellow River”.In 1985, China and Japan co-produced the album “Great Yellow River”, which was another collaboration after replacing the co-production album “Silk Road” in 1980, and this song “Great Yellow River” was the theme of Zong Jilang’s creation for the albumsong.The program team also invited Wang Youcai, the Chinese photographer of the “Great Yellow River” album, to recall the past of the album.In addition, the Jiangzhou Drum Music Troupe of Shanxi brought a “Yellow Boatman” to the concert and performed the 1400-year-old Jiangzhou Drum Music.”Yellow River Boatman” is adapted from the boatman’s labor code. The Yellow River in Shanxi and Shaanxi is the most magnificent section, but also the most complicated and difficult one.Together, the courage and spirit of going forward together.Sauna, Ye Wang Liu Wei editor Tong Na

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