Pediatric treatment at home

Pediatric treatment at home

Every mother wants her baby to eat in a big mouth, grow fast and strong.

But when some babies arrive at dinner, they will frown and feel that they are worried about eating these meals.

The mother had to do everything she could to “coax, advise, promise”, but it didn’t produce much. Seeing that the baby was getting thinner every day, compared with the babies of the same age, the indicators of gradual growth were lagging behind.

  First, the baby’s body has “products”. Such babies are mostly suffering from the accumulation of TCM, which is often referred to as “products.”

It is a common complication in pediatrics, and the incidence of children in cities is usually increased. It is mainly seen in babies under 5 years old, especially when the summer is hot.

However, if treatment measures can be taken in time, it will be cured quickly; if it is not taken seriously, it may easily lead to anemia, accompanied by malnutrition, and affect the normal growth and development of the baby.

  Second, what causes the baby’s body to “build up”?

  ”Ji” is due to the delicate internal organs of the baby, and the digestive function of the spleen and stomach is not yet perfect.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the stomach can be accepted and the spleen can be transformed. The spleen and stomach can only be appetite, and the baby can grow up healthy and happy.

The main causes of the baby’s body are as follows: 1.

Malnourished mother during pregnancy, or the baby is premature, with inadequate gastrointestinal function; 2.

Babies are often hungry and full, and adults blindly eat nutritious food, snacks, and damage the spleen and stomach; 3.

Infant food was not added in time, and digestive function was worse than that of babies of the same age.

  Third, the baby has the “product” performance After the baby has the “product”, the main performance is not satisfied with meals, no feeling of obesity, but like cold drinks; pale, thin body, thin hair, withered yellow; irritable, easy to cry, nightUnstable sleep, sweating on the forehead or red ears, red odor in the mouth; trace elements such as zinc, iron, calcium in the body are deficient, and hemoglobin is also low.

  Fourth, pediatric diarrhea home treatment method has “product”, which can be treated by taking spleen and eliminating product drugs, but it is difficult for some babies to be fed with drugs and the effect is slow.

Traditional Chinese medicine therapy is pinching product, which has its own unique features for treating babies.

Pinch product, also known as pediatric massage, is one of the traditional Chinese medicine treatment methods. It acts on specific parts of the child’s body surface to regulate the body’s physiological functions. The younger the age, the better the effect.

  The pinch product method is easy to operate, convenient and easy to implement, and has quick results, good curative effects, and no toxic or side effects.

The method is once a day, 10 times as a course of treatment, mothers may wish to try.

Specific parts can be seen in the remarks of the drawings, the operation method is as follows: 1.

Large intestine: The large intestine is located on the radial edge of the index finger to the tiger’s mouth.

Mother can use a forefinger to do a linear push massage here, every 200 times, once a day, but also treat diarrhea.


Push the spleen soil: The spleen soil point is located on the thread surface of the thumb.

Mother can use one index finger to push the massage here, once a day, every 200 times, it can treat the baby’s vomiting and abdominal distension.


Rubbing the Panmen: The Panmen acupoint is located at the bulge of the big fish, and the mother can rub it with one index finger, kneading 50-100 times a day, to treat the baby’s abdominal distension and loss of appetite.


Pushing Tianhe water: Tianhe water hole is located in the middle of the forearm palm side, from the horizontal line of the wrist to the midpoint of the horizontal line of the elbow, the mother can use a forefinger to push and massage here, once a day, each time 100-200 times, canTreats irritable and constipated babies.


Pinching the spine 4 times: Hold the middle finger, ring finger and little finger in a half fist shape, with the index finger half flexed, and straighten the thumb with the front half of the index finger; then hold the baby’s skin, and move the thumb and index finger forward to pick up the flesh, from both sides of the tailAlternately push your hands forward to both sides of the large vertebra to pinch the spine again.

Repeat this 4 times to treat the baby’s anorexia, bloating and diarrhea.

  Information for Mom: 1.

When performing the above treatments, the mother must pay attention to the massage method to be gentle, and sprinkle a small amount of talcum powder on the skin of the massage area. This will reduce the operation and eliminate the discomfort.


If your baby has a localized skin rash or breakage, be sure to temporarily stop massaging.


This method is not suitable for babies who are suffering from fever.
Mothers who do not master the operation well can go to the TCM hospital for preliminary treatment.

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