Sputum and obesity

Sputum and obesity

The lipids in the human body are divided into two parts, namely: sputum and lipids.

姨, also known as true fat, neutral bismuth and glycerol triglyceride, is made up of a combination of one molecule of glycerol and three molecules of fatty acids.

It also contains both unsaturated and saturated. Animals contain more saturated fatty acids and become solid at room temperature.

In contrast, vegetable oils contain liquids in the form of unsaturated fatty acids at room temperature.

Lipid refers to cholesterol, cephalin, lecithin and the like.

The comprehensive function is: adults are the warehouses that store energy in the body, mainly providing heat energy; protecting internal organs, maintaining body temperature; assisting in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins; participating in various metabolic activities of the body and so on.

  Even if adults have many functions and functions, their content in the body is limited, too much and affects the body’s metabolic activities, resulting in many diseases.

This is what people often say: “Obesity is a hotbed of disease.

“So what is the adult content in the range is normal, and how much is obesity?

In general, the increase in adult content is directly proportional to the degree of obesity.

Of course, we also observed some patients with local obesity (such as abdominal obesity), the slight content is not easy to be particularly high in their overall weight, but those minor changes in life are “inconvenient to move.”

As a result, the mature women in the chest, abdomen and buttocks slightly thickened aunt, make them become rich and charming.

Therefore, it can be said that the increase of adults is not a terrible phenomenon.

Unfortunately, too much misfortune does cause too much trouble for many people, such as inconvenience, heat, body shape, fatigue, and various diseases.

To proceed, we really have to make up our minds to drive those extra slights out of the body.

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