Psoriasis diet considerations to remember these five dietary principles

Psoriasis diet considerations to remember these five dietary principles

Many skin diseases tend to increase in the season, and psoriasis is the most typical one. So how do we do psoriasis prevention and care?

Don’t worry, let’s talk about the precautions for the diet of patients with psoriasis!

Precautions for psoriasis diet 1. The diet should be awkward. The diet of patients with psoriasis must pay attention to the combination of vegetarians. The foraging here mainly refers to some animal foods, while the vegetarian diet uses coarse grains, vegetables and fruits.Plant foods, in addition to vegetarian diet, must be based on vegetarian diet, supplemented by foraging, so that patients with psoriasis can get more vitamins and inorganic salts from the diet, thus ensuring the patient’s demand for various nutrients.

From the point of view of modern science, pure vegetarianism may be insufficient for the human body.

The longevity of monks does not benefit from vegetarianism, but is related to other factors such as beautiful environment, regular life, and inaction.

Second, the diet should be thick, finely matched with the combination of alizarin, psoriasis patients should pay attention to the weight of the diet, coarse grains and fine grain can not only improve the full absorption of food protein in patients with psoriasis, but also increase appetite, often eatA small amount of coarse grains can also improve the function of the digestive system and improve the condition of eliminating psoriasis.

Third, the diet should be dry, thin mix in addition to the thickness of the mix, psoriasis patients should pay attention to dry and thin mix, because this can be more balanced nutrition, easy for the body to absorb nutrients.

If psoriasis patients have eaten dried products, such as rice, glutinous rice, or single-drinking soup, they do not meet the nutritional and hygienic requirements. They should be dry and diluted, so that the protein can be complementary.

If you simply eat dry, this water absorption is not enough, it will make the skin more dry and aggravate the condition of psoriasis.

Fourth, appropriate psoriasis patients with large amounts of protein desquamation, due to the body can not eliminate the keratin, if not timely, it will cause hypoproteinemia, so a daily high protein diet is necessary, can eat 1 per day?3, steamed eggs or boiled eggs, eat more, replace the vegetable protein beans, properly supplement the body’s protein.

Fifth, the diet should be forbidden to stimulate excessive drinking of psoriasis patients, and excessive consumption of the above spicy foods can stimulate or aggravate the condition. These irritating foods can dilate blood vessels, enhance capillary permeability and promote inflammation.The cells, and the poor release of arthritic media, cause the rash to worsen.

In fact, in the diet, patients with psoriasis should fast food spicy food and avoid drinking.

Of course, diet is very important for patients with psoriasis, but in addition to paying attention to diet conditioning, patients should also take the initiative to carry out appropriate scientific treatment.

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