How to prevent accidental falls in the elderly at home?

How to prevent accidental falls in the elderly at home?

Relatively speaking, there are only a few reasons for the fall of the elderly. They are old (poor balance, poor legs and legs, lack of blood supply and dizziness), sudden illness (bone, joint, cerebrovascular accident), drug sputum, or road conditions, underwear,Unexpected factors such as shoes.

Some old people have a treasure, how to prevent the elderly from falling?


Encourage the elderly to exercise every day, simple one-legged appropriate, side-step exercises can exercise balance ability, outdoor sun can also enhance the absorption of calcium.

But don’t over-train and hurt your muscles.


Old people with chronic diseases should be reviewed regularly, taking medication on time, especially high blood pressure, diabetic patients, cold weather is easy to repeat, pay attention to daily blood pressure, blood sugar levels.

After taking antihypertensive drugs and hypoglycemic drugs, you should first observe whether the drugs have dizziness, slow response and other complications, and then go out.


Old people should not go out after taking individual drugs, and family members should look tight.

Cold medicine, anti-allergic medicine, anti-migraine medicine (phenylthiophene), stomach acid reflux medicine (cimetidine, omeprazole, lansoprazole, pantoprazole, etc.), sedative hypnotics have sleepiness, tired, sleepy side effects, the elderly are best to take a rest at home after taking these drugs, and even go out to accompany someone.


Get up early in the morning and pay attention to “slow”.

In the morning, the peak of cerebrovascular accident occurs. After a night of rest, the body is in a “leisure” state. It is too “irritating” to get up, not suitable for the elderly.


Install handrails in places such as toilets.

Too many old people have this kind of experience. If the toilet has been together for a long time, the head will turn around. At this time, it is most likely to fall. Installing the handrail can help the elderly to get up slowly.

  Tip: After the old man falls, the skin is bruised, the fracture is severe, and even the cerebral blood vessels are broken. The elderly have to master simple first-aid knowledge.

  1 Do not rush to move, first judge the injury.

Fractures, cerebral hemorrhage must not be moved at will, the brain blood supply is insufficient to cause dizziness to fall, you can rest in place, you can do further processing.

  2 light local cold compress.

The skin is damaged, red and swollen, and the cold is not applied first. The injured foot is temporarily raised and the bleeding is controlled. Do not apply heat or partial massage.

  3 fracture or suspected cerebrovascular accident, let the old man sit still and dial 120, waiting for the rescue to help the elderly to do a simple dressing.

  The old man’s cold and fall-proof fall 4 points, please remember that “the weather changes, the old people’s living habits should also change accordingly.

“How can the elderly prevent falls during the two days of “extremely cold” weather?

Experts suggest that in the last few days, it is best for the elderly to go out less. If you must go out, try to have a family member to accompany you.

There is no way for him to go out alone. He reminded me in the following four aspects: Before changing the shoes, the elderly must choose a pair of soles with clear texture, non-slip, warm flat shoes, some hiking shoes, travel shoes, etc.

  Seeing that the old man on the road has to slow down when he walks out recently, he has to ensure that he can see the road ahead and then step on his legs. Especially when going up and down the stairs, every step must be stabilized.

  Crutches in the harsh winter, the old man is best to bring a cane when going out. When you are on the road, you can use the crutches to test it. If you are falling, you can use the crutches to support.

  Old people with gloves and cold days must wear gloves instead of putting their hands in their pockets. It is good to keep your hands balanced.

At the same time, it is important to remember that the gloves should choose the style that the five fingers can open separately, so that even if the gloves are repeated, the fingers can be kept relatively flexible, and it is more convenient to step on when necessary.

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