Acupoint injection

Acupoint injection

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the mechanism of headache is qi and blood stagnation, meridian dysfunction, or stagnation inside, emotional stagnation, stagnation and smoldering, plus evil invasion, sputum in the head, or liver yang, excitement, blood runningUnsatisfactory and headache.

Therefore, Chinese medicine will give headaches a sense of difference and internal injuries.

Exogenous headaches include wind-cold type, wind-heat type, rheumatism type, and internal injury headaches include liver-yang type, blood-deficiency type, and blood-stasis type.

  Acupoint injection therapy is based on the location or nature of the headache.

General headaches have positive reactions in the wind pool, Baihui, Duyu, Ganshu and other points, such as tenderness, induration or cord-like reaction, which verifies the meridian pathological theory.

The Fengchi acupoint is the intersection of the Shaoyang and Yangwei veins, which can clear the head of the wind; the Baihui point is the point of the Zhuyang Jingji, the main point for the treatment of headaches; the Governor of the Yulu, Sanyang, the main headache;Heshu point has Pinggan Qianyang, the function of smooth air machine.

The combination of the points has the effect of dispersing the wind and dissipating the phlegm and relieving pain.

It is also possible to add or subtract different acupoints according to different types of syndromes.

The instrument used is a self-designed 5 ml syringe with a light and delicate needle, which makes the patient suffer less pain and has a high insurance factor.

The drug is usually compounded with Angelica injection, vitamin B1 and vitamin B12 injection, and the injection is given at the above acupoints.

In case of migraine or occipital neuralgia (except for organic matter), triamcinolone acetonide 40 mm can be combined with vitamin B12 500 micrograms, and lidocaine 1 ml acupoints can be used to achieve a miraculous effect.

  This therapy is a combination of Chinese and Western medicine. The acupoint injection has a stimulating effect of meridians and acupoints. The drugs used have the effects of relieving phlegm and relieving pain, promoting blood circulation and nourishing blood, and regulating nerves.

The drug is absorbed by acupoints and runs from the meridian to the relevant organs. It can reduce the peak and valley changes of blood concentration, reduce the toxic and side effects, regulate the function of the viscera under the action of meridian effect and drug treatment, calm the yin and yang, run the blood, and do half the work.Times.

  According to Cheng Fengkuan, chief physician of Chinese medicine at the First Central Hospital of Baoding City, this method can be traced back to the “Medical Complex Therapy” invented by the famous old Chinese medicine Cheng Lianhu, which was awarded the invention award by the first National Science and Technology Conference. Its characteristics are meridian syndrome differentiation.After taking acupoints, the sense of sensation is stimulated, and the positive acupoints are the main points, so that the gas reaches the diseased place and relieves the pain.

The rehabilitation department of this hospital used this method to treat scapulohumeral periarthritis, stroke sequelae, neurodermatitis and other complications.

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