Chinese fans called him broken eyebrow, this scar almost killed him 丨 Ye Wen

Chinese fans called him “broken eyebrow”, this scar almost killed him 丨 Ye Wen
Answer: The scar left after being bitten by a dog almost killed Charlie Puth. Today is Charlie Puth’s 28th birthday.To say that in recent years, the world’s hottest young male singer, Charlie Puth will definitely replace a seat.Many people first met his voice, which was the ending song “Goodbye” in the movie “Speed and Passion 7.”This work arranged by Paul Walker, who remembered his unexpected death, not only won the 12-week championship of the top 100 singles on the bulletin board, but also became a popular song of the year. Chinese fans like to call him “broken eyebrow” because a scar cuts his right eyebrow into two segments.In the origin of the “broken eyebrow”, he almost killed his life.When Charlie Puth was two years old, he had an accident, “I was bitten by a dog when I was two years old, and I almost died because it was really serious.At that time, almost 400 stitches were sewed around my eyes, so my eyebrows became like this.”Charlie Puth’s debut is similar to that of many post-90s musicians abroad. First, he established his own channel on YouTube and published various covers, attracting the attention and reposting of millions of netizens.Because of the cover of Adele’s “Someone Like You”, he was discovered by Ellen DeGeneres, the host of “Allen Show”, invited him to the show and helped him sign the record company. Charlie Puth has currently released two studio albums “Nine Syllables” and “Voice Notes”.The first album included the world-famous “See You Again” and the single “Marvin Gaye” sung in collaboration with Megan Terena.The second album peaked on iTunes in more than 70 countries and regions during the first weekend.Sa Jianye editor He Jianwei proofreads Li Xiangling

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