”Its not dare.”Wei Qinghua bow bite, thought fifty thousand soldiers directly into twenty-five thousand each way, which wanted it could be so cunning ning.


  That Mu Zhong said the lieutenant, in fact, not the person ning!He was such a division, the staff on their side ten thousand less, than his side played really good hand abacus!
  Fortunately, Ling Ning covet the land of generals and troops of Wu city this place familiar to their soldiers are brought from the Royal Park.
  Wei Qinghua secretly glad, temporarily add to the mix of people, even on familiar here, how people can bring their own with the handy?
  After the good points, Qin Xuan Wei Qinghua will have to rush to leave, this person always too obtrusive pestle in front of him: “Since then it has no objection San Leba, Wei generals seize the time to discuss the attack plan都市体验网, you divided the king over there no longer find fault with in the past to save some people think that the king powers to suppress the people, the more ridge of land left generals to discuss the issue to attack the red wa Village.”
  After Wei Qinghua took leave, before Qin Xuan changed the arrogant look, the people’s temperament has become particularly calm, so that the ridge of the generals were stunned to see some.
  Their idea to look, Qin Xuan smiled: “We do not tense, the king is not pleasing to the eye Look Wei Qinghua, deliberately annoy him stretch.”
  His generals: “.”Your Highness happy enough.
  ”Well, let’s now get down to business, the more of you in the land of Ridge stationed for a long time, you should be more familiar with here, but also invite you to know their general information to inform the king, as far as possible the more detailed the better.”
  Qin Xuan said then people end food and wine, we drink and chat together, if they are dressed in military uniform, at first glance thought they were out camping.
  At first, the generals also some relax in front of the Qin Xuan, after all, he is a prince, noble status, but it is really very simple and familiar among men, but is left with the meat and drink together with Keke fight with prostitute.
  After a few sips of wine, you can start Chit generals, Qin Xuan listen to them on the day of the Kanda Shan Chit.
  But Kan Kan return, important news also get a lot of this wine on the table, there are some who feel unimportant messages generals, Qin Xuan put to great use here, there.
  For example, Red Wa Village give birth to baby boy inside a lot, but since the discovery of the stockade, which Red Wa Village is mostly women, very few men.
  Wa Village with red contrast, many other men stockade, some villages almost no women, especially near the Red Wa Village that several villages, all men!
  The drinking wine with all the generals eating meat, Qin Xuan it this close to the stockade have a more in-depth understanding, he seems to have found the key, red Wa Village is a matriarchal society, there may be born red Wa Village the men were taken to other villages, and even other village men are all out of the red wa Village.
  This way other villages will be able to explain why the Red Wa Chai are able to maintain good relations with all the villages, because people simply are all born from the Red Wa Village!
  Qin Xuan even a very bold idea, to find out his map, the location of all villages are connected where, but after seeing these seemingly random villages located in the rugged mountains, the mountains seem easy to defend and to help hard to attack barriers to protect themselves.
  After the series up to be clear that these straggling villages in the mountains, in fact, around the Red Wa Village around, from far to near, forming a jacket with a circle, and the Red Wa Village will be in the center of this circle point, the other intermediate Zhaizi protect red wa Walled.
  This is not more villages, which are in fact a village!
  All of the villages are in fact comply with the rules of the matriarchal society, the other stockade in fact, they guard their true village – stronghold Red Wa Village!
  Qin Xuan little excited, he had also felt a bit of trouble a village to talk about the past, it seems only to get Red Wa Village will be able to directly get the other stockade, because people listen to the village where the man is the woman’s home, then ah!
  No wonder so many generals before losing it, they did not even hit the right place, and now is estimated more than a Wei general but also playing with toys, and this is underestimate a woman’s fate.
  After the distribution of good staff, each of the parties to rectify a lot, so she took the soldiers his men went in different directions.
  Qin Xuan pulled after the people had chosen a place to camp, let others in place rectification, and he took his Guards deep into the mountains.

  Sister sister brought her down steamed buns, she will obediently sit here and wait.


  But she did not know why her sister down from the mountain with steamed buns?
  But my sister has always been a way, she did not ask.
  ”be good.”Mo small street holding a jar mountains, rugged path towards no one up, she thought, although this time from the mountain to find Wei days, there will be dangerous, but Tian old woman in mind that a very small person they want to be sure the more gas, waiting for her feet better, it is estimated will old trick, to lock them up a few.
  10 pm ** certainly get out of there.
  So she has to rely on from day to help guard her, to save her.
  People in the village mountain firewood home are the right path to go, go like Mo street rugged path, too easy, to step down easily slip, nature is no one to go.
  Mo small street of this road did not encounter a person, very smooth.
  From Wei-day look at the bowl of milk in only a small mouth, his face covered with gloom, a南宁桑拿nd now not even to noon, on drinking milk, do not know the little girl will not give milk to feed him, if not He sent the children are hungry, what should cry.
  It did not last if the baby milk feeding, after all, not a thing.
  Just days away from the guard to worry about the distance came the rustling of tree branches slapping sound, careful hear, is light shallow footsteps of the little girl, brought back from the day Wei faint smile, the little girl Sure enough, I thought different from ordinary people, know the path to turn up.
  Listening to the pace of the little girl struggling up the hill, away from the guard did not bide day after all, out of the hole to go meet Mo small street.
  Mo small street panting, Xie Hui wanted to climb again, before she suddenly reached out a slender white big hand, “Come on, I’ll pull you up.”
  ”How do you come out?”Mo small street looked around alert.
  ”Rest assured, this is no one around.”Wei-day off a small street to see Mo was very concerned about his condition, the heart deeply moved.
  I did not expect a dignified man from Wei-day, when actually in dire straits, let a little girl always worried about him.
  ”That’s good.”Do not believe in a small street off Wei-day martial arts, not by those who want into the mountain villagers found things a breeze.
  They came to the cave, Mo small street open jar, see a bowl of milk spilled some out, smiled and said: “We have to be careful, or spill.”
  Wei-day wash away looked very clean jar, he said: “Nothing, that is poured out.”
  ”Ok.”Mo looked at the small street sleeping baby, the child eat, sleep very fragrant.
  But newborn babies, as long as satiate, get enough sleep more than twenty hours a day.
  But as I grew up, children will be more difficult to take, it will sooner or later be discovered cave.
  Mo small street off guard and at the same time opening day, two people find each other has something to say, but at the same time silent sound.

  Jiang Rou carrying skirt angrily came close it, she snapped lo北京夜网udly: “Get out!”


  Hatano moved his thin lips bleached cold, ginger Rou Bengzhuo see little face, without looking at him, had quietly pushed to allow to run for the door.
  Jiang Rou lift curtain set foot on the carriage, the umbrella Meteors and quickly moved to the head of Hatano.
  Jiang Rou car sit chair, snapped: “What cover cover, he would let him drench shower, not allowed to give him cover!”
  Meteors hesitated, slowly followed the carriage on paper umbrella good income, in the corner, trying to reduce from a sense of presence.
  She is the first time see the little lady germinal such a big fire.
  Both across the rain curtain, ginger Rou in the carriage, the carriage stood outside Hadano, Lin Zhaoyu on the TV.
  Xu is Xieguo rain the night wind, cold teenagers face was very white, thin lips tightly pu北京夜网rsed, a dark eye Shuangfeng as promised looking ginger Rou.
  Rainwater running down his forehead slipped down the temples, wet eyelashes, lip fell beads hanging lamps from the tip of the nose, lips sewn along the arc last dip into his mouth.
  Hatano product out a little astringent, as well as acid.
  However, these are inferior to his chest thrown into blunt pain.
  A sister he will not!
  Heart and liver ache ginger Rou gas, do not discuss with her, and move on without authorization from the book, also got under the large crowd said that we must stay out of her!
  The way her face thousands of species, but also must solve the problem another way to strip, he would have to choose a thorny road to go?
  Simply gas to autism!
  She gritted his teeth, he can not wait killed!

  For such young people, who can not be underestimated.


  Do more on him this message home less master of the house, early in the cloud will check the house, I noticed the boy general Xiongshou.
  At this point my own eyes, heavy interest frowned month.
  Difficult to tame unruly, Yin Zhi Henli, not a good phase.
  Such a person, he will get really hard to南宁夜网 imagine from a delivery out of.
  While heavy monthly interest Qin looked wild, wild Qin also looked at each other quietly.
  Heavy monthly interest rate, interest rate home this generation’s most outstanding children, nothing else, until he married, it will become the main income families.
  Top big summer family patriarch, the less there are hundreds of years of heritage, and other information can be re months to do the home owners, home interest rates Barring unforeseen circumstances, at least two centuries can flourish.
  Thus, this man Zoran quite talented, really is a family of children tolerance, non Dandyism such as that idiot.
  ”Let the message out nine Yen!”However, everything is not as heads of ginger Rou whereabouts matters.
  Qin Ye do not avoid the slightest, even though he is now under the command of forces is better than the rest home a little but trouble to the death in broken, interest rates can not fall too good to go home.
  Therefore, perhaps others will be afraid of a surname interest, but in the eyes of the Qin Ye, also like the.
  Always, except for his ginger Rou, do not care.
  Such a determination juvenile, vaguely pouring out from the narrow phoenix eye, yet after another turned into a sharp weapon, human musculoskeletal cut.
  Wondered a few months heavy interest rates, nursing homes waved play back: “You come with me.”
  Nursing homes receded, Hatano walking forward, fingers clasp the flow Zhu humble needle, then follow.

  She also looked at the Qin Qin biting of lips corner, and slowly shook his head and said: “I do not.”


  The word went down, and Qin Hao Qin Mian ornaments are greatly relieved, but more and more of Qin Qin desperate.
  She could not help but again, blubber shouting: “Sansao, why do not you ah?You have to ah!You want to hurry!”
  Why not?
  This is also a lot of people wondering, you know after Qin Qin accepted the transfer, Rou Jiang Yan in the first round talent in the bucket, it is far better nine other Americans.
  No accident, then, she was already the first quasi!
  However, she is not.
  Which in some people’s eyes, it is a significant silly.
  But the little girl has a set of their own principles, black and white almond eyes calmly watching Qin Qin: “So, which can be considered杭州桑拿 as the fault of your fathers you, and give me what compensation?”
  Qin Qin really think so, she could not stop and Qin Hao Qin Mian slotted crazy, I do not want to be sorry ginger Rou.
  So, she was like a mouse got into the wind box, not the people inside and outside, inside and outside are down less than the benefits.
  Behind his Qin Qin, both ashamed and ashamed to be even greater.
  Jiang Rou said: “Today is a check will be a major event, you must not trouble ugly.”
  Ordinary people do not listen to it, the same can hear the sound of Hatano, but keen to hear the words hidden under intolerance.
  Jiang Rou impatient!
  Hey will be a check, other beauty and talent very often, she can just enjoy something positive, and then learn from each other, how can spare time to spend o广州桑拿网n those not on the table chipping away.

  Gu Yun Jiao get his hand a little bit staggering, half a month she do to earn so much money, Gu sleep two days to earn.


  Gu time to sleep happy, got tired of sleep in the past.
  The next day Gu Yun Jiao put 690 dollars to her yesterday, said it was her money, will collect herself, Gu did not sleep Tuiju, himself close up, go to school, sleepy eyes open , a class lying on the table more sleep.
  Gu sleep find Zhaode Hai, before the promise of a hundred dollars to the Zhaode Hai, she commissioned him to help find a house.
  Zhaode Hai took the money, went on to earn Gu sleepless please, immediately promised down.
  Anyway, now he is a vagrant, just nothing to do.
  I did not expect to find a good day.
  The next afternoon after school, at the school gate waiting for it Zhaode Hai, said that to find a good house, took her to see.
  Gu sleep less demanding, a little bigger, there is a window, toilet slightly wider, there is a place to dry clothes on the line.
  Zhaode Hai said: “I ran all day today, legs run off, managed to find a.The landlord has any connection with the price for a long time, just waiting for you to come to see the full dissatisfied.”
  Gu did not sleep with Gu Yun Jiao said, followed Zhaode Hai went to the house, they lived in the room next door building, on the third floor, large orders, as well as three people can stand a small balcony, twice as big as the original place they live , but also doubled the rent, the original one hundred and two, is dead grinding hard foam Zhaode Hai, a hundred Kandao.
  Gu sleep very satisfied.
  The Gu Yun Jiao brought over to look, Gu Yun Jiao strong reaction disturbed her squandering money on, even regret to give money to the care of sleep, sleep a few words to appease Gu is also good.
  Zhaode Hai Yi Tangtang and to苏州桑拿 help them move home.
  ”Yo, Yun Jiao, this is how?This is going to move ah?Rich friends?”There is understanding Gu Yun Jiao neighbors see them move all ran out to watch.
  Especially to see moving Zhaode Hai.

  ”It’s for you.”Chu Yan laughed.


  Jiang Rou kinda like, she took his hand and looked at, is preparing a sniff, feeling glad Hatano reached for a block.
  Gangster face the cold, staring Chu Yan, bouquet in hand to grasp, uncovered strip soybean-sized black insect.
  ”Anything to get his faceTo go, what to close, to tell you how many times, not just something to be outside man.”Big brother said, grab a bouquet to hand to throw carriage.
  Jiang Rou stunned, big brother so bluntly?
  Hatano arrogance of the past: “to cloud the House, want me to buy it for you.”
  Jiang Rou extremely embarrassed, secretly stepped foot Hatano, I want to talk to Chu Yan explained.
  Gangster frie杭州桑拿d hair: “You stepped on me to do?You stepped on me as an outsider?”
  Jiang Rou people called to see, can not wait to slap him dizzy paste!
  While Shuangshoubaoxiong Ming Jin Yu sneer: “Virtue!Sooner or later retribution!”
  Chu Yan Qin is so wild at the face child is not angry, but he said: “Jiang little beauty, the team will rest a little ahead, I’m ready, and you want to come over to taste.”
  Jiang Rou not promised, Qin Ye pulling on her, to help her and replied: “She do not go, I do not want to go!”
  Jiang Rou angry, bypassing the Qin infielder, glared at him, turned to Chu Yan said: “I’m coming.”
  Get a response, Chu Yan eyes instantly lit up, he looked Hatano, still no wave tone said: “Qin artist can work together.”
  Ear these words, how to listen to are like provocation, Qin Ye Feng, a squint eye, face suddenly poor, as food pups somersault child care.
  Jiang Rou conditioned reflex stopping chiefs fury, raising his hand to smooth hair: “younger brother, younger brother is not good Ha angry, not angry.”

  See greedy little gentile long period, Han Xiaoyue funny rubbed her head, turned this around was dark.


  ”Check the job done, I had any brains, small can be a lengthy write seriously, I cook every night when she homework at the door, never stole lazy, I have checked every day, tell you well written, and you have to check it again!”Zhao tractor cut the meat in the kitchen and saw a young married woman came in with a young married woman could not help but complain about their distrust.
  ”My assignments, of course I want to check it again, 广州桑拿网but I have to see her how to write, teach them after only a few heart.”
  Since seeing himself on the university later, Zhao tractor now play wronged, poor equipment, more and more skilled, Han Satsuki are now too lazy to roll your eyes children to him.
  Perfunctory kissed his face, “Well!Do not pretend wronged, ah!Every time you come back this way, you tired ah?”
  ”Young married woman, no wonder you are to me more and more perfunctory, and you would have found that I had installed the poor.”Zhao tractor put down his knife, looking aggrieved Han said Satsuki.
  ”Well, let’s cook iron Gur, I was hungry,” Han grumbled Satsuki Zhao tractor and then he fell on his arm, he blinked his eyes against the temptation.
  ”At night and then take it up to you, okay?Ok?!”
  ”OK, how can it not?You can really my good young married woman.”Zhao tractor changed the appearance grievance blaming Heaven, his eyes shiny finish, his face still young married woman Qinliaoyikou.
  See Zhao tractor bright eyes, suddenly a little flustered Korea Satsuki.
  Think first because she wanted to go to school, come home only one day a week, whenever he comes back, Zhao tractor related to a complaint in front of her husband as filled with pathetic and aggrieved, and she had to coax and pro ages, the evening had to try hold for several days to meet this man.
  Such monotonous performances, a few times she came back to taste.
  But see Zhao tractor to travel to Beijing to settle down with her, but because of her relationship to school, or living together from many, not always together.
  His guilt Han Xiaoyue, pretending not to find his little mind, doting connivance with Zhao tractor, so he had all these months of Sunday’s happy and sweet, his face satiation.
  Han Satsuki did not expect, Zhao tractor even going to a fresh recruit, eat days.
  Poor equipment, also installed addicted, not at all bored, several months, or trick, even tone demeanor had not changed, Han Xiaoyue not help, only to expose him.

  ”Gu sleep” is also dishonest in which a female student, even when compared to those female students Xiunao will hate one, she is never afraid to refute.


  Gu can sleep is not honest female students, she is not “taking care of sleep.”.
  She turned around and looked at Zhang Zhipeng, ask some doubts: “The church is not your parents what you are polite and respect it?”
  Few to watch the 杭州桑拿boys froze a moment, then began to stir all gloating.
  Zhang Zhipeng never thought before how there will not be a joke reaction Gu sleep today sudden counterattack, suddenly face embarrassing: “Do you think you are?Wu Dalang it your home?I told him to talk to me!Otherwise Ximen line ah!”
  That a few boys and laughter together.
  Gu stood up sleep.
  ”Snapped!”Bang Cui Xiang!
  Classroom every voice screeching halt!
  Those eager school students do not move, and all surprise Sight.
  Zhang Zhipeng proud expression completely solidified in the face, his face burning pain, he stared at disbelief Gu sleep: “You hit me!”
  Gu watched him sleep, like a clown who have been seen jumping up and down in her life, she met many such people, and any enemies, just to cover up their own weaknesses to their own in order to win attention no limit on the degree of wanton tease humiliate others, her eyes full of cold disgust: “do you know what you like?Do you think he is very popular, it is you like?No, no one really likes you, you know how they see it?”Gu Zhang Zhipeng sleep in plainer stricken face as well as a silent in said coldly:” a grandstanding clown.”
  Zhang Zhipeng hidden under the appearance of a cynical Gu sensitive fragile heart was stabbed sleep remarks smashes, especially by such a blow amount is almost Oath in the presence of so many students, almost vomit blood, his fa杭州夜网论坛ce is very ugly It looks like the wait for them rushed in to care directly to strangle sleep.
  Not just the guys booing booing, and all face looked awkward and delicate Zhipeng.
  Zhang Zhipeng could feel those who look at him, ripping his body like camouflage, revealing the original ugly face, he called toward Gu sleep pounce want to pinch her neck, behind the boys scared hop, it all came at once to stop Zhipeng.
  ”Do not impulse impulse!”

  There really slowly leaching bloody gauze, it’s just change, she quickly gave replaced with new.


  She flipped through the system store to find painkillers, only stingy to exchange a piece of Hadano.
  ”The medicine to take the pain, but can not eat.”Gangster poppy capsules have smoked in the past, so ginger Rou not let him eat painkillers.
  Qin Ye nodded, and it lasts is really hurt, he did not even use water directly to swallow.
  Slow for a while, so do not feel pain, ginger Rou only helped him out with dinner.
  Jiang will also use some Rou, side by side with him, he said: “Toyama College Hill long tube Three Gentlemen waiting for you for a night, and I keep people with a meal, not now go on to see you tonight it?”
  We all know what the future tube Third, identity, Hatano then nodded his head: “See, and do a deal, I’ll see him in the province.”
  Rou Jiang asked: “Wu Kun hit you?”
  Qin Ye nodded, and said without expression: “Wu two dead, I do not know the whereabouts of the murderer HE article, he always bring people to the outlet.”
  ”But it’s none of your what is ah?”Jiang Rou biting chopsticks head, like a bite of meat Wu Kun, ferocious.
  Hatano explained: “The New Year will be, Ng Japan Wu two is ordered to stir together, but who did they expect me to celebrate the halfway stolen article, the article did not expect He will be missed kill two Kivu.”
  Jiang Rou scared endless: “This is not to send the child to die it myself?”
  Qin Ye nodded: “In fact, Wu II died down as the Wu Kun Italy, at least he has reason to root out fair and square wave forces Yuzhou literati clean it, but could not find the article北京夜网 He is no good.”
  ”But he hit you, this very bad bad old wreck!”Jiang Rou talking, anger actually have to put a chopstick Wang Zhuoshang snapped, with no less than gas.
  Hatano pick her favorite dishes from leftover from a small lamp in her small cup in.
  ”He arranged for me this is a big Wu Wu along with two to go will be the New Year, I temporarily shirk, so I get a flat look.”Hatano said clear sky.